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KRIYA®Hops Extract

ImmunAg™ is Humulus CBD oil extracted from the patented Kriya® Hops plant (US Patent #PP31,477 P3). ImmunAG™ is a combination of β-Caryophyllene, CBD and ⍺-Humulene.  Based out of idyllic Goa, India, ImmunAg LLP is the world’s only supplier of Hops CBD extracted from Kriya® Hops plant.





Kriya® Hops is processed in a FDA approved Food Facility.



ImmunAG™ Humulus CBD oil is certified as a food ingredient by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI license #10018025000320.) The WHO Essential Medicines and Health Products (EMP) report states “ImmunAg™ pushes the technical boundaries of what natural medicine should  be. It is cutting edge science applied to medicine that goes back to the Paleolithic period.”






Indocert is India’s first indigenous certification body. It was organized in October 2001 as a non profit organization by India’s organic farm.




Our farms follow the standards set by the National Program for Organic Production (NPOP). NPOP certifies agencies such as Indocert and it functions as a body that encourages organic farming and processing.