Phyto Pets 280 mg ImmunAG CBD in 1 oz MCT Oil

Phyto Pets 280 mg ImmunAG CBD in 1 oz MCT Oil


ImmunAG for Pets CBD in MCT Oil

280 mg of ImmunAG CBD – ideal for small pets


Every animal with a spine has an endocannabinoid system: a network of receptors and natural signaling molecules. Cannabinoids send signals throughout your pet’s body to help it heal, relax and stay balanced. But when faced with stress, illness, injury or old age, your pet may not be able to produce enough endocannabinoids naturally. Phyto Pets is a 100% natural, non-intoxicating cannabinoid food for pets. Phyto Pets contains CBD (cannabidiol) that gives some animals long-term relief and supports wellness maintenance to help keep the doctor away. 

Pharmaceutical painkillers and antidepressants can have harsh effects on people and they aren’t really any healthier for our pets.  Millions of pet lovers are turning to natural alternatives and CBD is emerging as the overwhelming favorite. Researchers at Cornell University found that dogs with arthritis who took CBD oil twice daily showed a significant decrease in pain and increase of activity.1  A 2019 study of CBD on dogs with epilepsy uncovered evidence that higher CBD blood levels may cause a lower frequency of seizures.2  There’s also an abundance of anecdotal and veterinary clinical reports.  An online survey of 2000+ licensed veterinarians in the U.S. suggested that the following conditions may be suitable for CBD treatment3:

  • Pain

  • Arthritis

  • Seizures

  • Gastrointestinal problems

  • Anxiety & mood issues

  • Cancer

  • Motion sickness

  • Fireworks & storm phobias

Phyto Pets, powered by ImmunAG CBD, gives pets relief and pet owners peace of mind. ImmunAG is both highly bioactive and naturally THC-free. Large doses of full-spectrum hemp or cannabis CBD (which contains small amounts of THC) can cause tremors, anxiety and other unpleasant side effects in pets.4 In addition to bioavailable CBD, ImmunAG contains substantial amounts of the therapeutic terpenes humulene and caryophyllene. Caryophyllene has been described in the scientific literature as having anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-tumor properties.5  Humulene is known as a potent anti-inflammatory.6

How to use it

Phyto Pets with ImmunAG CBD works well at low doses for general wellness maintenance & prevention. It is suitable for dogs, cats, birds and large farm animals. Small doses taken twice daily can help pets remain healthy, mentally well-adjusted and happy. 

Phyto Pets also supports calmer, more relaxed behavior during stressful situations – such as vet visits, travel, new visitors, separation anxiety and going into crates and carriers. A single dose approximately 1 hour before the anticipated event may help support increased calm and confidence. 

For Pets in Pain

Bay Area veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter has suggested the following CBD dosing guidelines: 

  • 0.5 – 5 mg CBD per 10 pounds of the pet’s body weight twice daily.7

  • Start low and slowly increase the dose every 4-7 days if there are no side effects (the most common is sedation)

  • Frequently doses nearer the lower end of the range are effective.

  • Higher doses of CBD may be beneficial in certain circumstances.

  • Consult your veterinarian before feeding your pet CBD.

For Dogs: General Wellness Maintenance

Boulder veterinarian Dr. Angie Krause suggests the following doses, based on the dog’s bodyweight:

  • 10 Pounds – 1 to 2mg twice per day

  • 15 Pounds – 1.5 to 3mg twice per day

  • 20 Pounds – 2.5 to 5mg twice per day

  • 30 pounds – 3 to 6mg twice per day

  • 40 Pounds – 4 to 8mg twice per day

  • 50 Pounds – 5 to 10mg twice per day

  • 90 Pounds – 10 to 20mg twice per day

For Cats: Various Conditions

Dr. Krause suggests the following condition specific guidelines:

  • Arthritis: 0.5 milligrams (mg) of CBD per kilogram of your pet’s weight (0.5 mg/kg), twice per day.

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease: 0.2mg/kg, twice per day.

  • Pancreatitis: 0.1mg/kg twice daily and gradually increase to 0.5mg/kg, twice per day.

  • Asthma: 0.5mg/kg, twice per day.

  • Chronic Upper Respiratory Infections: 5mg/kg, twice per day.

  • Seizures: 0.5mg/kg twice daily and gradually increase. It can take up to 3mg/kg for CBD to treat cats with seizures


Active Ingredients: Humulus extract (CBD, caryophyllene and humulene). 

Inactive Ingredients: MCT oil.

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